Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge

Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge (ESB), located in the Mexican province of Quintana Roo, and is a new frontier flats fishing destination specifically designed for serious saltwater fly fishers. The newly-constructed ESB Lodge is located on a beautiful Caribbean beach in the southernmost part of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, just south of the sleepy lobster fishing village of Punta Herrero and within the massive 1.3 million acre Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, established in 1986. This is a remote wilderness flat fishing destination, 250 road miles from the mega resort metropolis of Cancun – the lost flats of the Caribbean!

ESB Lodge opened its inaugural season on April 2, 2017, and finally allowed saltwater anglers quick and easy access to the last frontier of Caribbean flats fishing – Espiritu Santo Bay. This fishery can provide fantastic action for all four of the Caribbean's famous flats species – permit, tarpon, bonefish, and snook. This is "Super Grand Slam" country!

Jamie Massion with a Permit at ESB Lodge

"ESB Lodge is an extremely well thought out operation run by and for all levels of fishing Anglers. This is not a 5 star resort, HOWEVER, Chiara and Dane have an absolute 5 star atmosphere and attention to fishing and lodging detail. All customers should be aware and expect the well water for showers to be Salty and there is no Laundry service. With that said, There is always plenty of delicious and pure Drinking water right in the rooms, held in Yeti Coolers or outside on the patio. Margies, beers, cocktails and wonderful appetizers are ready on the Palapa every day after arrival to the lodge from the airport or fishing. Self serve cocktails run on the honor system are available 24/7. The dinners are always amazing and way beyond what most anyone can expect. Any dietary restrictions are taken care of as long as the customers let the staff know in advance. The rooms are super clean and comfortable with Air Conditioning and private Bathrooms. Winds and weather come and go but this operation is destined to be here a very long time. The combination of a world class fly fishing location, incredibly well trained and knowledgeable guides, and an ownership committed to providing we the anglers with the best possible experience for such a remote location and you will perhaps understand why this is my 4th time back to ESBL. I cannot wait for number 5."
- Jamie Massion

La Bahia del Espiritu Santo (ESB) is the true gem of the Mexican Riviera, and perhaps the last remaining wilderness fly fishing outpost in the Mexican Yucatan. It has always been the "second sister" to its larger, more accessible sibling to the north, Ascension Bay. But that's all about to change and for the dedicated saltwater flats fly fisherman, ESB provides the best angling opportunities in the entire Yucatan.

The primary differences between ESB and Ascension Bay are size and accessibility. ESB is approximately half the size of her more famous sister, but Ascension Bay has more than six thousand people living in the towns around her shores. There are nine official lodges plus several back country, "unofficial" guides that fish the bay, and as of 2015, one hundred and eighty boats with permits for fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, or tours of the bay. This creates a vibrant tourism-based economy centered around these communities, and a constant impact of pressure on the bay.

Espiritu Santo Bay (ESB), however, remains perfectly positioned in a remote wilderness, an area devoid of tourism and the impacts of population and people. There is a small community of about 95 lobster fishermen and their families that live in Punta Herrero, the only human settlement on the entire bay. Only seven boats have legal access to fish in the bay. This combination of remoteness, lack of human population, and limited access is what makes ESB unique, and one of the most pristine resources left in the region to target fish untouched by human influences.

There are simply very few places left in the world with the same sort of unspoiled natural resources as can be found in ESB. Robust and healthy populations of bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook abound in its flats, creeks, and lagoons. And nobody has better access to or more intimate knowledge of the bay than the guides at Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge, who have spent years guiding there with the former Paradise Lodge.

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Making Reservations to Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours any day of the week, or email us at anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.